Aug 23, 2016

Bat-Update, Twisted Adventures

Holy shit!  I just read the Snyder/ Capullo run on Batman from 'Death of the Family' through 'Zero Year' and it was so good. I really loved 'Zero Year'.  I love the Riddler and understand that writing stories with him is tough.  He's a smart dude, so the writer has to be reeeally smart, but Snyder pulls it off. PLUS, Batman on a dirt bike. Awesome.

Well, some of my more tardy contributors got their strips in at the wire for next months issue of the Currents. Yay for them! Hit those deadlines!


I've been smoke-free for 10 days now and the great lung excavation is kicking into high gear. Enjoy!

PS I am on twitter:

Aug 2, 2016

Media Update

I just renewed my library card and raided the graphic novel section. SO, I've been doing some reading lately. 

I blew through Futures End Vol. 3.  I had been reading the series in singles that I'd been buying in the dollar bins at shows.  That penultimate issue though, with that thing that happens, is kind of a rare bird.  At least, an expensive bird. I LIKED IT. There's some probs that always happen with weekly books: inconsistent art, dangling plots, etc.  Overall, FUN BOOK. 

I also read Sex Criminals Vol 2.  It's better than the first volume, but if wasn't a library book, I would never have continued with the series.

Also read Convergence: Flashpoint Book 1.  It has the 2-part minis from Superman, The Question, the "Justice League", Batgirl and Nightwing/ Oracle.  These are the scenarios where the heroes encounter the Flashpoint worlds characters... hence the name of the book... and generally fight. The Superman story was good, maybe the best in the book. The Question was good, The Justice League kinda sucked, Batgirl was good. It was nice to see Stephanie in the suit again. Nightwing/ Oracle was good. Those Flashpoint Hawks do not fuck around.

More soon. I've still got 5 trades from that trip waiting for me on my coffee table.


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